Air conditioning in Venezuela

The company arquitec, c.

Arquitec, C.A.

Arquitec, C.A. The company Arquitec, C.A. Dairy is located in Daikin trading partner, Japanese company with over 90 years of existence and the largest manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning, ventilation and heating (HVAC) in the world. We offer solutions tailored to their needs: residential, commercial or industrial.
Our service includes: projects, installation, maintenance, spare parts and more. We also provide planning and More...
Calle Sucre, Qta. La Goleta, Nº 119, Urb. El Morro, Lechería - Diego Bautista Urbaneja - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Air Zarate C.A

Projects, sales and service of air conditioners, industrial chiller chilled water, direct expansion, compact, split system, and pipelines.
C.C Patio Trigal Oficina 1-a 12 Nave 1 - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Refrigeration in Venezuela -
It is responsible for providing equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration for supermarkets, still lifes, bakeries, refrigerators, butcher shops, industrial canteens that require cold cellars...

Asociacion Coperativa Montajes

Service company that supports the construction industry and industrial maintenance.
calle la lucha # 13 sector 13 de enero maracay edo. aragua - Girardot - Aragua - Venezuela

Constructora Geffa 21 C.A.

We work isntalacion engine repair air conditioners pumps and control panels.
- Zamora - Miranda - Venezuela

Prameca aire acondicionado

Sale, installation and service of all type of conditioned air and systems of refrigareci?n. Manufacture of ducteria development of residential projects in the matter of conditioned air calculation of thermal More...
Centro comercial Santa Fe tres local 9 sector Amparo las Lomas - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Heating in Venezuela -
Stoves, heaters and wood-burning heating systems. ...

C&M Inversiones y Suministros Industriales C.A

We take care to provide our customers and meeting their needs in all types of consumables, office, industrial, sports and safety.
Zulia Urb Las 50 calle Urdaneta 105 y tambien ubicados Caracas - Cabimas - Zulia - Venezuela

Refriaire C.A

Sales of air conditioning parts and equipment.
carrera 19 entre calles 37 y 38 - Iribarren - Lara - Venezuela

Teixeira Refrigeration Shop

Compressing compact commercial refrigeration and industrial everything chillers mini split we are distributing of the Honeywell mark in refrigeration filtoros thermostats preventive maintenance and corrective.
Av 32/c 26 c/c Rio Acarigua 1er piso ofic nº 21 Acarigua cop 3033 - Páez - Portuguesa - Venezuela

Ventilation systems in Venezuela
- Manufacture and installation of exhaust turbines. - Industrial Dehumidifiers - munters - Ventilation and extraction ...

Servicio Tecnico Electronico, CA

Electronics service, repair, electronic, audio video, appliances, air conditioners, approved under the Daewoo brand, Haier, premium, Cyberlux, g-plus, lg, sale of spare parts, warranty service.
Av 15 cruce con calle girardot local 1 y 2 a 50 metros. de Pinta Todo (Antiguo Pinto Sur) - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Gauca Supply CA

Buy, sell, service and maintenance, supply and installation of air conditioning and construction, manufacturing own products in galvanized and Pitre (p3) projects, advice and execution of civil works, materials in More...
calle 72 #3G-71. - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

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