Business consultants in Venezuela

Agn international is a prestigious international network of cpa firms, based in london, ranked among the top 15 firms in the world. It has 465 offices.

AGN Venezuela, Jiménez Rodríguez & Asociados

AGN Venezuela, Jiménez Rodríguez & Asociados AGN International is a prestigious international network of CPA firms, based in London, ranked among the top 15 firms in the world. It has 465 offices in the globe and more than 10,500 professional employees worldwide, including including Latin America.

AGN members offer their customers a high quality service, based on the international strength of each local firm and work closely More...
Intersección de las Calles Negrín, la Iglesia y las Flores
Centro Profesional Negrín, Piso 4, Oficina 4-A, Sabana Grande,
Caracas - Venezuela - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Informes Ruz Escalona Freytes Refca, C. A.

Company dedicated to the commercial information service, collection at national and international level.
Calle Las Flores Edificio Apuliana
piso 10 No. 102 Sabana Grande.
Caracas 1050 - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Francisco Ruz

Lawyers in Venezuela -
Services company dedicated to the Legal Counsel for businesses, we process all required permits to the different government agencies (IVSS; INCES; BANAVIH), we process bar...

Accountants in Venezuela -
We are dedicated to excellence in the condominium management, financial services, real estate, gathering effective solutions that allow you and your team, the concentration of...

Consultora Ambiental

Environmental consultant - formulation, evaluation and forest feasibility studies of projects, packages and systems - technical attendance.
Plaza miranda - edif. ticar - piso 2 - oficina 208 - San Cristóbal - Táchira - Venezuela

Instituto Venezolano de Transporte y Vialidad

Specialist training, consulting, outsourcing, transportation and roads, terrestrial, aquatic, aerial, agricultural, turistica..etc
avenida francisco de miranda, chacao. centro peru, torre a.piso 3, oficina 30 - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Plepso Investigaciones, C. A.

With the experience of over 20 years of professional marketing, advertising, socio-economic research, logistics and behavioral studies of Venezuelan consumers born Plepso Company dedicated to generating knowledge from social research More...
Calle Barbacoas c/c Calle Taguay, # P-342-D, sector Las Palmas, Urb. Montaña Fresca - Girardot - Aragua - Venezuela

Auditors in Venezuela -
AGN International is a prestigious international network of CPA firms, based in London, ranked among the top 15 firms in the world. It has 465...

Contador Publico

Development of income certification, certification of inventory, personal statements, balance sheets, accounting and legal entities, business registration. Calculation and declaration of income tax and VAT
Colinas de Bello Monte - Baruta - Caracas - Venezuela

H.R.Olivar Financial Services

We offer a diversity of international insurance in U.S. dollars, such as: health insurance, online travel insurance for individual and groups, online expatriates life and health insurance and online insurance More...
Rpte: Henry R. Olivar

Italcost America

Import of blasting equipment and other Materiial bicarbonate.
Calle la arboleda urb santa gertrudis maracapana phd el penon caracas - Cristóbal Rojas - Miranda - Venezuela

Human resources in Venezuela -
Company dedicated to manage and administer solutions in processes related to the productive management of human capital: - Consulting Industrial Relations...

Raymond R. Realty, C.A.

Request furnished rental properties for transnational oil companies, embassies, areas of Campo Alegre, Altamira, Castellana, El Rosal, Valle Arriba, Tamanaco Hills Master.
Urb. Chuao. - Baruta - Caracas - Venezuela

Academia de Rescate

Didactic organization, courses of security and occupational health, first aid, RCP-cpr, security works in height, security work confined spaces.
Av. Rómulo Gallegos, Urb. Sta. Edivigis. - Candelaria - Caracas - Venezuela

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