Chemical products in Venezuela

Responsibility for sales servicing disinfectant products bactaricida action, sporicidal, fungicidal (ammonium cuatrernarios) for cleaning instruments and medical equipment.

Produtos Sani-Salud, C.A

Responsibility for sales servicing disinfectant products bactaricida action, sporicidal, fungicidal (Ammonium Cuatrernarios) for cleaning instruments and medical equipment.
Avenida Hanthon Phillips, 2da Transversal, zona industrial la Hamaca, Galpones de Tracto Equip, Oficina 2, San Vicente, Maracay Edo Aragua - Girardot - Aragua - Venezuela

Sermaquim, S.A.

It is a company dedicated to the manufacture and chemical product commercialization for the chemical industry, petrolersa and reagents of health laboratories. Also one dedicates to the services of analysis More...
av principal la concepcion km 26 a 150 mts de la e/s las amalias, municipio jesus enrique lossada, maracaibo, estado- zulia - Jesús Enrique Losada - Zulia - Venezuela
Rpte: Lic. Gerardo Roman

Chemical industry in Venezuela -
We are processor and marketer of micronized calcium carbonate, in different colors and presentations. ...

Cleaning products in Venezuela -
Wholesaling garbage bags, t-shirt type bags, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg. Sales of general cleaning, grooming and hygiene. Sales of disposable items,...

Suministros Quimicos, C.A.

Import and marketing company of Raw materials for the industry of the rubber, plastic, paintings.
Zona Industrial Municipal Norte Calle 84 N°61-989 - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Inversiones RAT, C.A.

Wholesales of all kinds of chemical food grade somo distributors, such as sodium metabisulfite, xanthan gum, citric acid, asetico acid, CMC, POTASSIUM sulfide, calcium benzoate, glacial gliserina among others, have More...
Edo. Zulia, municipio San Francisco, av 5 local o40.. - Zulia - Venezuela

Servipraco Ltda

Supplies and equipment for the preparation of sections for microscopy. Specialized shelves for storage of parts and micropaleontology, store up to 6000 samples in a space no larger than a More...
calle 52B - 37A-40 - El Hatillo - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Pedro Mariño

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