Heavy machinery in Venezuela

Chinese machinery parts services .

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Shantui de Venezuela

Chinese machinery parts Services .
Av. El paseo Las Acacias Caracas - Guaicaipuro - Miranda - Venezuela

Maquinarias 2018 ca

Repair of all types of heavy machinery, hydraulic equipment , pumps , hammers , compressors , forklifts , hard chrome , manufacture of axes , gate valves , garbage pickers More...
- Girardot - Aragua - Venezuela

Cranes in Venezuela - AmarillasLatinas.net
Company engaged in transporting vehicles from the high Mirandian (the teques, reed, san antonio high) anywhere in the country, with units of last generation, with...

Construction machinery rentals in Venezuela - GuiaConstruccion.net
Pent house, furnished in Mediterranean style and Caribbean color scheme, with a capacity of 2, 4, 5, 6 people, are two rooms which comprises living...


Selvage trucks of firemen used in excellent conditions. Transporting heavy trucks, excavating, which you needs, look for I it
Calle El Arroyo - El Hatillo - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Serge Legault

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