Metal roll up shutters in Venezuela

Manufacturing installation. repair service projects in forklifts. St. marys and metal structures. .

TO Elevadores de Carga y Santa Marias

Manufacturing installation.
Repair service projects in forklifts. St. Marys and metal structures.
Urb. La Isabelica sector 9 bloque 81 escalera 3 apt 1 - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Constructora Campo Urbao C.A.

Sale punched laminated iron wooden door type wholesale and detail.
Service general blacksmithing.
Service cut and double sheets.
2da transversal entre Av. Sucre y calle primera de Los Flores de Catia. Zona industrial Galpon nº 23. Caracas. Venezuela. - Caracas - Venezuela

Automatic doors in Venezuela
Automatic doors, electrical inner doors all the marks of Italian manufacture from faac to ditec, electrical fences, control of access, circuit closed of TV, control...

TO Elevadores de Carga y Santa Marias

To forklifts and santa maria is a company dedicated to manufacture forklifts and Santa Maria with an experience of over 30 years in the market we are professional and have More...
Urb. Isabelica sector7, bloque 81, apto 1 piso 1 - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Door Systems, C.A.

Manufacturing doors Santa Maria to control or industrial and commercial mechanical
Av. Principal C.C.Big Low Center, 2do nivel nave k # 14zona industrial castillito - San Diego - Carabobo - Venezuela - Carabobo - Venezuela

Rieles El Tachira C.A.

Venezuela manufactures RF against fire door, fire doors RF2, RF3 Hatches arrester, industrial equipment fire safety.
Zona Industrial Calle 2 Galpon Rieles Tachira Aguas Calientes Ureña, Estado Tachira. - Pedro María Ureña - Táchira - Venezuela

Metallic constructions in Venezuela
- Distributors of technology products alfajol - Installation of mesh - Installation of welded wire mesh - Sale of fences - Sale of staples -...

Metal structures in Venezuela
Distribuidora materials Steelworkers, pefiles (beams), structural round tubing, rods, angles, mesh, trusses, steel rods, sheets and slabs. ...

Taller de Herreria Ruiz

Company with 20 years experience in the field of the manufacture of metal structures such as sheds, estruras to machimbrado, railings, doors, stairs, railings and now we are manufacturers of More...
Av. Jose Antonio Paez - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

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