Pest control in Venezuela

Non-allergenic anti-asthmatic ecological odorless without toxic fumigations unturned goods specialists in rats cockroaches mosquitoes ticks pigeons flies comejen certified warranty for 12 months serve statewide . .

Antialergicas Antiasmaticas Fumigaciones

Non-allergenic anti-asthmatic ecological odorless without toxic fumigations unturned goods specialists in rats cockroaches Mosquitoes ticks pigeons flies comejen certified warranty for 12 months serve statewide
Calle Carabobo entre calle Independencia y Madariaga sector Centro San Carlos - San Carlos de Austria - Cojedes - Venezuela

Fumigaciones Caracas

Fumigation services and pest control equipment and product sales of washing fumigation and disinfection of water tanks
Av. Principal la hacienda de caricuao centro comercia l capud 5 local 36 Ud 5 - Caricuao - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: jose salazar

Tank cleaning in Venezuela
Company formed for the purpose of making cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks, potable for human consumption, open to all, both the industrial, commercial, health...

Industrial cleaning in Venezuela -
We all kind of maintenance, cleaning, painting buildings, houses, apartments, offices, shops, clinics, gyms, all kinds of substitutions, conserjerías permanent staff for everything related to...

Multiservicos La Gran Solucion 2010 c, a

Great Multisevicios cleaning solution spray paint plumbing
Calle Monseñor Grill Resman, entre calle Guaicaipuro y San Ignacio de Loyola edif Coro Vera Torre a Letra a primer piso 1 apto 2 a Urb Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Fumigaciones Esteves

Spraying against flying, crawling and others safely.
zona industrial los guayos - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela
Rpte: pablo esteves

Servifumsa, ca

Fumigation services and sanitation, fumigation generally weed cutting, sewer cleaning, general cleaning. Specialized in residential, commercial and industrial. We offer advice, courses, lectures and workshops.
Urb La Iisabelica, sector 3, calle 5 edif 6. - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Fire extinguishers in Venezuela
Consulting and training in occupational health and sguridad, measurement studies of environmental factors, control system and fire extinguishing, sale and maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire...

Multiservicios Proteger

La Limpia - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Asociacion Cooperativa Venezolana de Fumigaciones

Venezuelan Cooperative Association Technical Fumigation, R.L.
We are a company dedicated to the service of fumigation against all kinds of pests in food industry, agrolimentaria, silos for products stored low standards More...
Sector Felix Rios, calle Democracia, Casa 870-22, Municipio Los Guayos, EDO. Carabobo. - Carabobo - Venezuela

Fumigaciones Vami

Control specialists, extermination of insects, rodents and termites.
- No unpleasant odors, without moving anything, no mess.
- Do not affect humans and pets.
- Quality corrective and preventive services.
- 19 years of More...
La Guaira. Estado Vargas - Macuto - Vargas - Venezuela

Environmental sanitation in Venezuela -
Spraying in general industrial and domestic profecionales are safe with 20 years of service virgente insai permission. ...

Chemical products in Venezuela -
Import and marketing company of Raw materials for the industry of the rubber, plastic, paintings....

A.C.Servicios para la comunidad genesis rl

Cooperative enterprise dedicated to the general fumigation and other services of great interest.
urb los centauros manzana d-2 casa #3 - San Fernando - Apure - Venezuela
Rpte: raul bustamante

Dxplague Fumigaciones en Caracas

A company located in the populous city of Caracas dedicated to control and extermination of every kind of plague.
Av. Mexico, Edif Winco, Piso 1, Ofic. 1-2 - La Pastora - Caracas - Venezuela

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