Psychotherapists in Venezuela

Evaluation and psychotherapy school children and adults.

Lic. Yolanda Vera Psicólogo Clínico

Evaluation and psychotherapy school children and adults.
- Sucre - Caracas - Venezuela

Medico Psiquiatra

valencia - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Psychologists in Venezuela -
Psicologico office A.H individual and family consultations Couple therapy Sexology Orientation to diversity Mental health certificates...

Psicovida C.A. (Centro de atención psicológica)

Clinical Counselling Centre Psicovida. It opened its doors to offer individual counseling, group therapy, workshops, training and more. Contact us.
Calle 26 entre Carreras 18 y 19. C.C. Pasaje Mediterráneo Local 4. - Iribarren - Lara - Venezuela

Centro abdicar

Drug Problems? we can help you
no internal ambulatorio- treatment
skilled professionals
Detoxification - reeducation - social reintegration
Family therapy - Couple
Courses, business workshops
Clínica Alma Auxiliadora Guacara Centro Edo. Carabobo - Carabobo - Venezuela

Sal del Coma

Welcome to, space where you will find information on how it works and how to recover from addictive patterns generated by co-dependency.
av. ppal. de los Chorros, Quinta Zulay. - Sucre - Caracas - Venezuela

Psicoterapia en los Estados Unidos -
Dependencia emocional Educación hijos, orientación profesional Formación y talleres Inseguridad, autoestima Miedo a hablar en público, timidez Psicoterapia gestalt Sexología. Trastornos de la sexualidad Terapia...

Rehabilitation centers in Venezuela
Drug Problems? we can help you no internal ambulatorio- treatment skilled professionals Detoxification - reeducation - social reintegration Family therapy - Couple Courses, business workshops ...

Dr. Richard Joseph Wix Ramos

Psychosomatic pain
Personality disorders (disorders of conduct and behavior)
Couples Therapy
Bipolar affective disorder
Dementia (Alzheimer)
Anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress
organic psychoses (for epilepsy)
Eating behavior disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia and obesity)
Neurodevelopmental disorders in More...
Torre anexa del Metropolitano del Norte piso 1 consultorio 13 a. - Naguanagua - Carabobo - Venezuela

Dra Blanca Padilla de Velasquez

Our mission: To promote the welfare of each person, couple, family and business with healthy intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships guided by a specialized team of professionals through consultations, workshops, lectures, More...
Av. 10 entre calles 65 y 66 - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Psicóloga Sandy Reyes

Child and adolescent care and psychological evaluation, adults and couples. Service business psychology. Certificate of Mental Health.
Av Cuatricentenaria Urb Jose Antonio Paez casa 01 - Barinas - Venezuela

Psychiatrists in Venezuela -
Care and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders in children, adults and elderly: depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, addictions,...

Psicologa Leidy Rondón

Psychological care children, adolescents, adults, psychological evaluations, couples, groups and companies
Calle Carvajal Barinas - Barinas - Venezuela

Psicóloga Ana Lugo

Psychological care for children, adolescents.

Individual and family psychotherapy. couples therapy.

Guidance and application of test certificate vocacionales- mental health.
- San Francisco - Zulia - Venezuela

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