Tubes and pipes in Venezuela

Distribuidora materials steelworkers, pefiles (beams), structural round tubing, rods, angles, mesh, trusses, steel rods, sheets and slabs.

Corporacion Novaka, C.A.

Distribuidora materials Steelworkers, pefiles (beams), structural round tubing, rods, angles, mesh, trusses, steel rods, sheets and slabs.
Av. ppal la urbina caracas - Sucre - Caracas - Venezuela

Inversiones Douglass, F.P.

We are dedicated to supply valves, fittings and tubing for all applications for industries.

We also offer the wholesaling of pvc pipes and fittings for electrification, water supply, sewerage, sewage networks, More...
Centro comercial Guaicamacuto Mezanina 2 oficina m-2-13. Cumboto Norte, Puerto Cabello Estado Carabobo - Carabobo - Venezuela

Hardware stores in Venezuela -
Hardware, sales materials, sheet metal iron, polished tubes, strips, tools for blacksmithing, carpentry, plumbing and masonry. cutting and folding service. ...

Dulett International CA

Manufacturer of plates, bloqueszapas, Romanillas, concrete rings, red blocks, ventilation. Distribute wire rod, sweet wire, metal tubes, pvc tubes release for 24-hour service throughout the country.
- Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela
Rpte: Sr Duran

Sudeli, C.A.

Provisions of industrial products, tubes, valve, connections of all type and material, iron generally, hardware. Urb.La Sorpresa cruce c/calle 21, Edf. Cristal P.B. Locales 1 y 2. - Puerto Cabello - Carabobo - Venezuela

Oficina Tecnica Ronvalca 57 C.A

Develop, establish and / or carry out studies, projects and civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, industrial and clinical engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of medical equipment, boilers, steam generators, autoclaves, industrial More...
Av. Sur 0, esquina palmita a castan Edf Igmase piso 7 oficina 7A - Santa Teresa - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Roman Nuñez

Proyectos Procometsa CA -
Design and manufacture of conveyor belts, selling staples, vulcanized cold chains. ...

Mundial Grifos C.A

Selling the best brands of Italian taps, ball valves, heaters, accessories etc bath.
Av 4 de mayo Polamar - Maneiro - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela

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