Acupuncture in Venezuela

Acupuncture - recognised by the world health organization because of its curative value, acupuncture acts as a strategic partner in alliance with western medicine it is.

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Acupuntura San Cristobal

Acupuncture - Recognised by the World Health Organization because of its curative value, Acupuncture acts as a strategic partner in alliance with Western medicine
It is a holistic medicine that considers More...
San Cristobal, Estado Táchira - San Cristóbal - Táchira - Venezuela

Yanin's Spa Centro Integral

We are a health and beauty therapies performed acupuncture for pain therapies, auriculotherapy, homeopathy, mesotherapy, massages, anti stress, reductive massages and more.
Av. Bella Vista, Urb. Bella Vista, Carrera 4, Manzana 27, Casa 12 - Maturín - Monagas - Venezuela

Natural medicine in Venezuela
Therapies biomagnetism energetic cleanings, indigenous medicine. ...

Homeopathy in Venezuela
Holistic School, we help you wake up in the new era. give courses, workshops and talks on personal growth, interpersonal relationships and organizational business. ...

Consultorio Tierra Sana

Health Clinic dedicated to holistic therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, flower therapy, reflexology and many other to achieve balance and health.
- Caraballeda - Vargas - Venezuela

Unidad de Medicina Integrativa, Simon Bolivar

No disease, no one ill, was established by Hippocrates, hence the patient must be taught to conserve and restore health. Wisdom is in nature and not in the laboratory, ignorance More...
Avenida Dalla Costa, Edif, La Atlántida Mesanina Alto óptica 80, san Félix Edo Bolívar. - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela
Calle Bolívar, N 18 Tucupita E.D.A. REF. frente Hotel Amacuro.

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