Agribusiness in Venezuela

Purchase and sale of cattle for fattening and breeding, marketing depostadas meats.

Inversiones Frigorífico Guanipa

Purchase and sale of cattle for fattening and breeding, marketing depostadas meats.
Valle de la Pascua y Pariaguan - San Fernando - Apure - Venezuela

Industrias Recitachira, C.A.

Factory egg separators
Zona Industrial de la Fria - Tachira, Galpon 15/16 - García de Hevia - Táchira - Venezuela

Food industry in Venezuela
Selling items and materials for confectionery; unflavored gelatin, oils, prints for cakes and jellies, metal and plastic cutters, molds for cakes, cupcakes, jelly, chocolates; trays....

Pimequi c.a

- Sales of farm implements.
- Manufacture of home kit.
- Sales of pool chemicals.
- Manufacture of metallurgical general.
- Iribarren - Lara - Venezuela


We are a multidisciplinary professional equipment focused in the search and obtaining of solutions regarding the viable advantage of the natural resources for the development and the well-being of the More...
av principal del bosque edificio el bosque del country club piso 9 - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela
Rpte: Freddy Imbert

Servicios Técnicos Nes

Factory agribusiness equipment, incubators for birds, turtles, reptiles, etc.
We manufacture; hatcheries, breeders, lifters, cages posture, crossing and transport. Mills, ovens, dehumidifiers, humedecedodes, irrigation and spraying systems. Seeders, combines, extrusion lines, More...
Calle Urdaneta entre Avenidas Bolívar y Fernández Peña, Casa N° 7 Sector Montalbán Ejido Estado Mérida - Campo Elías - Mérida - Venezuela

Agrouniverso -
We are distributors of products for agricultural and construction sectors, developed by leading companies in different fields (plastics, fabrics, shading, twine, nets, signage, etc). ...

Products for agriculture in Venezuela
ASUC Store supermarket provides services and alternative venue for agricultural insome. ...

Agroferreteria Mi Finca CA

Dedicated to the sale of concentrated animal feed and hardware in general
Tucutucu Municipio Trujillo Estado Trujillo - Trujillo - Venezuela

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