Ambulances in Venezuela

Our company provides home health care, transportation and basic and advanced support in type ii and iii ambulances, unlimited attention or urban location or age; rental.

Intermedi, C.A.

Intermedi, C.A. Our company provides home health care, transportation and basic and advanced support in type II and III ambulances, unlimited attention or urban location or age; Rental type II ambulance for SMEs; emergency coverage at sporting events; vacation plans; institutional celebrations in compliance Lopcymat and occupational medicine, in order to ensure the most precious... the life and health of our members More...
Valencia Estado Carabobo - Carabobo - Venezuela

Paramedicos Caracas

We are dedicated to paramedic services for events, home care, ambulances, motor ambulances, accident prevention workshops, among others.
Avenida Este 3 de Avilanes a Rio Anauco, Residencias Kamarata torre A piso 1 - Candelaria - Caracas - Venezuela

Doctors in Venezuela
Reconstructive orthopedic surgery of the lower limbs children and adults. ...

Clinics and hospitals in Venezuela
Genetica medica genetic counseling ...


ambulance transportation nationwide, preventions and everything related to the field
Rpte: freddy ferh

Inversiones Lifemed C.A

We are a company of sales of disposable medical supplies to the major and retail, rental of ambulances, para-clinical business studies.
Urb la Isabelica - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Garcia Tineo, C.A

We specialize in home medical care, emergencies in schools, businesses, hotels and ambulance services nationwide.
Urb. el tigre bloque 03 piso 03 apto 0308 - Ribero - Sucre - Venezuela

Medical equipment renting in Venezuela
We sell all kinds of medical surgical material Such as: Blocked retrograde nails, femur, tibia and vacuous......

Servicio de Ambulancias Prehospitalarias Acosta

We are a company dedicated to health, we provide transportation services to patients nationwide, prevention guards,
vacation plans, medical assistance home and buildings.
Av Cancamure sector El Pinar Calle Principal casa numero 04 - Sucre - Venezuela
Rpte: Gregorio José Acosta

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