Metallurgical industry in Venezuela

It is a company dedicated to the construction of metallic tanks, liquid pipes for fluid and steam, installation and maintenance of presses of mechanical extraction of.

Constricciones e Instalaciones SIAS, S.A

It is a company dedicated to the construction of metallic tanks, liquid pipes for fluid and steam, installation and maintenance of presses of mechanical extraction of vegetal oil, construction and More...
Calle Principal de Negro Primero Parcela Nro. 01. - Guacara - Carabobo - Venezuela


Manufacture of equipment for the industry of the pottery (estrusoras kneaders mills tables of you cut trasportadoara) and for the bloqueras of concrete (laying mescladores)
1 cabudare
2 lara
3 venezuela - Palavecino - Lara - Venezuela

Metal mechanics in Venezuela
Manufacturing of trusses, ceilings, beams, railings, banisters., Railings, doors, gates, repair and maintenance. ...

Pimequi c.a

- Sales of farm implements.
- Manufacture of home kit.
- Sales of pool chemicals.
- Manufacture of metallurgical general.
- Iribarren - Lara - Venezuela

Postes Ordenadores de Filas

Manufacturers and importers of equipment to banks, hotels, supermarkets, airports etc.
Centro Empresarial La Cascada, Carrizal Los Teques
Estado Miranda Venezuela - Guaicaipuro - Miranda - Venezuela

Electrodos Hyundai

Exclusive representation of Hyundai, first manufacturing world-wide company of all type of welds, wires and rods, common or espaeciales, as well as machines to weld. Exclusive Represntacion of world-wide stainless More...
Santa Fe norte - Baruta - Caracas - Venezuela

Aceros Inoxidables SAC -
Import and sale of stainless steel plates....

Fundicion Bella Vista

Company dedicated to the purchase and sale of nonferrous metals, aluminum, bronze, brass, for of dreg, manufacture of piezas.tenemos zamak recovered, aluminum, bronze, etc.
calle ernesto gonzalez nº160-75-05,sector bella vista-cagua-estado aragua - Sucre - Aragua - Venezuela


Construction, conversion and repair of floating units. Services of industrial and naval inspection. Non-destructive inspection (it tints penetrating, magnetic particles and box of emptiness) ultrasound (taking of thicknesses). Leakage test More...
Urb. La Belisa, Calle Urdaneta # 58 - Puerto Cabello - Carabobo - Venezuela


Industrial supplies and materials as thermowells, thermocouples, ceramic insulators, connectors, logic controllers, solenoid valves, wires, wires for thermocouples, cables, cables for thermocouples, alumel, chromel, MARKAL chalks, chalks
Calle Cuchiveros, Torre Latina, Nivel Mezzanina, Oficina M1-10. Alta Vista. Puerto Ordaz - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela

Metallic constructions in Venezuela
Company with 20 years experience in the field of the manufacture of metal structures such as sheds, estruras to machimbrado, railings, doors, stairs, railings and...

Talleres Giusemi, C. A.

Manufactures platforms, dump trucks, tanks, dump trailers and platforms, cattle pens, tanks lengthen and shorten chassis for commercial vehicles, hydraulic systems.

Tomafuerzas, pumps, velvulas, telescopic hydraulic cylinders for dump. sale of More...
Av. Principal Zona Ind. Los Pinos, Pto. Ordaz - Edo. Bolívar - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela

Metalúrgica Merjes C.A

We manufacture truck hot dogs and all kinds of mobile food truck, industrial kitchens and bells
Avenida Guayana a 200 metros antes de llegar al 171 en sentido puerto Ordaz san felix. Estado bolívar. - Caroní - Bolívar - Venezuela

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